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Before is a tool for replaying archived Blaseball data developed by the Society for Internet Blaseball Research. It works by setting a browser cookie with a time offset. It serves your browser a (mostly) unmodified copy of the Blaseball frontend application from that time, then serves that application archived data by emulating the application backend.

There are many imperfections to this system: there are data gaps in SIBR’s archives; and data for certain objects is sometimes not granular enough. This is most notably seen when a player is affected by a game event; clicking on the player will not show the change until usually about a minute later. (Incinerations and Feedback swaps prior to Season 5 are also impacted by this.)

Using Before for research and videos is welcomed; please cite, and don’t take our archives as the only word of truth, especially in early seasons.

If you run into an issue with Before, you can join the SIBR Discord server and ask in either #help-desk or #before. Before’s source code is available on GitHub.

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